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What our customers think of us:

Fast. Secure. Compliant Verifications.

What do we do?

Client AML   and Identity Verification

We worked with a mid-sized legal practice based in London transforming the way they verify their clients. The results speak for themselves.

From faster turnaround times for clients too increasing client satisfaction. Download or case study to find out more. 

Fast. Secure. Compliant Verifications.

Advanced Technology

Biometric facial recognition, document fraudulency, PEPs & Sanctions, automated address verification and financial data verification. Just some of the key technology that makes our verifications advanced.

Remote Verifications

Verify your clients anywhere and at anytime. No longer do clients have to come into the office 09:00 - 17:00. They can verify themselves easily in the evening from their own home.

Client Satisfaction

Increase your client satisfaction by making the process of verifying themselves and working with you simple, easy and quick. Verify 365 works to simplify the verification process for you and your clients while still ensuring compliance.

Quick & Easy

No longer does a verification and confirmation have to take days. From a client process which takes 5 minutes and a report which is generated in seconds. Lawyers can verify their clients in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

We changed to Verify 365 from our previous provider for a number of reasons. The first was that our old system was clunky and difficult for our clients verify themselves which meant a lot of the time we by-passed it. The second reason was that our old system was web based and we realised that the verification process wasn't very effective. Whereas Verify 365is app based and utilise technology like facial recognition to ensure the client is genuine. 

The third, and an import reason, is because Verify 365 is compliant with both the Land Registry and Law Society ensuring my team are up to date with compliance rules and even go beyond what is required. 

Everything is going well and we don't see ourselves changing anytime soon. 

Raminder Uberoi

Partner - Starck Uberoi